Is Sparkling Water Bad for My Teeth?

We all know that sugary carbonated drinks do more harm than good to the teeth, but what about sparkling water? In most carbonated beverages, the acidity levels are very high – which can weaken tooth enamel.  If you’re not familiar with tooth enamel, it is the hard outer shell of your teeth where cavities first Read More

DIY Whitening After Braces?

Your orthodontic treatment has ended and your braces have finally come off. While your smile is much straighter than it once was, it isn’t as bright as you thought it would be. Straight teeth without a bright, white smile does not boost your confidence or make a good first impression in public. DIY Teeth Whitening Read More

How a Little Sunshine Helps Teeth

Who doesn’t love to catch some sun rays? Well sunshine lovers, Dr. Oreoluwa Adegun of League City Elite Dentistry has news for you! A little sunshine actually HELPS your teeth! Sunshine has been found to improve mood, our immune functions, and increases vitamin D production in our bodies. The Importance of Vitamin D While in Read More

5 Tips for Living with Dentures

If you have had multiple teeth extracted, it can have a negative effect on your self-confidence and possibly your social life. To combat this, Dr. Amirpasha Farnaghi of League City Elite Dentistry can recommend partial or complete dentures to bring back your smile. To help prepare you for what’s to come, here are five tips Read More

How to Take Care of Dental Implants

Teeth that are cracked, deteriorated or visibly unhealthy can not only cause dental issues but also negatively affect your self-esteem. Luckily, dental implants can help prevent further damage and boost your confidence with a healthy, beautiful smile. Designed to function just like your natural teeth, dental implants are still vulnerable to gum disease, infection, and Read More

Should I Pull My Tooth or Save It?

You’ve been suffering from a severe toothache for some time now and it’s clear that something is wrong. Whether the tooth is infected or diseased, pulling it out may seem like the best solution, but is it? Contrary to belief, saving your natural teeth can have many benefits. To help you make an educated decision, Read More

Wisdom Teeth After Braces, Explained

You’ve been patiently waiting for your orthodontic treatment to come to an end and your braces to come off. You followed all the oral hygiene instructions during and after treatment, but now your wisdom teeth are starting to come in. Will they ruin your new smile? At League City Elite Dentistry, we get this question Read More