Is Sparkling Water Bad for My Teeth?

blog-featured-image-sparkling-water-effects-on-teethWe all know that sugary carbonated drinks do more harm than good to the teeth, but what about sparkling water? In most carbonated beverages, the acidity levels are very high – which can weaken tooth enamel. 

If you’re not familiar with tooth enamel, it is the hard outer shell of your teeth where cavities first form. When left on the teeth for too long, the acid and sugar from carbonated beverages can cause significant tooth decay, stained teeth or, in some cases, gum disease. This is often discussed in association with sodas, but what about sparkling water? Read More

5 Dental Tips for Eating Your Halloween Candy

blog-featured-image-halloween-candy-tipsHalloween is right around the corner! And while eating copious amounts of candy isn’t spooky, cavities are! Halloween is a great time to enjoy some sugary treats, but an excess of these delicacies can leave your mouth rotten. Luckily, Dr. Amirpasha Farnaghi at League City Elite Dentistry has some tips to keep your teeth healthy during this holiday!

Timing is Everything

Eat your Halloween candy with meals or shortly after mealtime. Saliva production increases during meals which helps cancel out acids produced by bacteria in your mouth and rinse away food particles.Read More

5 Tooth Fairy Ideas for Parents

blog-featured-image-tooth-fairy-ideas-for-parentsLosing teeth is an exciting time in any young child’s life. Not only does this mean they are growing up, but it also means they are due for a visit from the Tooth Fairy! There are so many creative things that go beyond just putting money under a pillow that can create wonderful memories that will last your child a lifetime. To help make your child’s visit from the Tooth Fairy a lot more exciting, Dr. Amirpasha Farnaghi at League City Elite Dentistry has a few tips:Read More

I’m Too Scared to Visit the Dentist!

blog-featured-image-scared-of-the-dentistIf you fear going to the dentist, don’t worry, you’re not alone! It is estimated that nearly seventy-five percent of adults in the United States experience some amount of fear with regards to visiting a dentist. About five to ten percent of those people have a strong enough fear to be considered sufferers of dentophobia. Fortunately, Dr. Amirpasha Farnaghi at League City Elite Dentistry has ways to cope with this fear and ease your dental experience!Read More