Is Sparkling Water Bad for My Teeth?

blog-featured-image-sparkling-water-effects-on-teeth We all know that sugary carbonated drinks do more harm than good to the teeth, but what about sparkling water? In most carbonated beverages, the acidity levels are very high – which can weaken tooth enamel. 

If you’re not familiar with tooth enamel, it is the hard outer shell of your teeth where cavities first form. When left on the teeth for too long, the acid and sugar from carbonated beverages can cause significant tooth decay, stained teeth or, in some cases, gum disease. This is often discussed in association with sodas, but what about sparkling water? Read More

Does At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Really Work?

What we eat and drink in our daily lives takes a toll on our teeth. Woman is whitening teeth with special toothpaste and LED light at home. Beauty concept So much so, that our teeth can often stain and develop a yellow tint over time. To combat this, many people have turned to the popular trend of at-home LED teeth whitening kits seen on various social media platforms. With so many celebrities and social media influencers swearing by this convenient way to improve their smiles, we can’t help but ask: does it really work?

How it Works

Paid advertisers say that at-home LED teeth whitening kits accelerate the teeth whitening process to help improve your smile from the comfort of your own home. So what does it take to get that bright smile? At League City Elite Dentistry, we’ll break it down for you:Read More

DIY Whitening After Braces?

woman smiling while brushing teeth Your orthodontic treatment has ended and your braces have finally come off. While your smile is much straighter than it once was, it isn’t as bright as you thought it would be. Straight teeth without a bright, white smile does not boost your confidence or make a good first impression in public.

DIY Teeth Whitening Trends

Within the last decade, more things have started to cater to the do-it-yourself market than ever before. From DIY face scrubs and other beauty hacks to home organization, more brands are using technology to find ways for us to do less outsourcing and get more hands on.

If you’ve been paying attention to social media, you may have come across a few DIY teeth whitening trends, like activated charcoal toothpaste, oil pulling, and even lemon juice. It is important to note that while some of these trends, like oil pulling, are ancient remedies that have not been scientifically proven to work. Read More

How a Little Sunshine Helps Teeth

blog-featured-image-vitamin-d-and-oral-health Who doesn’t love to catch some sun rays? Well sunshine lovers, Dr. Oreoluwa Adegun of League City Elite Dentistry has news for you! A little sunshine actually HELPS your teeth! Sunshine has been found to improve mood, our immune functions, and increases vitamin D production in our bodies.

The Importance of Vitamin D

While in braces, healthy teeth and gums are of vital importance. Vitamin D helps to support oral health in two ways:

  • It helps our bodies to absorb and utilize calcium

Read More